HashTab 3.0

HashTab is a file verification tool for Windows computers
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HashTab is a file verification tool for Windows computers. The application allows you to verify that a given file is an exact copy of another file by comparing the two files' hashes. HashTab creates a tab in the file properties window within Windows. When you right-click a file and go to its properties and select this application's tab, you will see three of its hash values: CRC32, MD5, SHA-1. Those are the three most widely used hash types used in the Internet for file verification purposes. Now, after you see a file's hash, you can verify it against another file by having two windows open at the same time, but that is so 1999. The way to do it simpler is by going to the Compare a file option down below the hashes. Doing that, you can select another file, and the application will do the comparison for you. After all, that is a lot of numbers to check. This application does a good job of comparing files to ensure integrity. But the fact that you have to do it file by file and manually is a huge turn-down, especially when there are applications that can do this with a single click. Also, the lack of hands-on help does not help HashTab's case.

José Fernández
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  • It calculates a bunch of different hashes


  • It is not practical at all
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